As Bakı Crane Services family, we have been providing engineering, heavy lifting, and transportation services to our customers for more than 25 years. We contribute to our clients’ growth through our services in renewable energy, nuclear energy, petrochemical, iron and steel, construction, maritime, and heavy industry sectors.

Wherever there is growth, there is a need for energy, power, raw materials, and infrastructure. Helping to provide those needs is a world on its own.

This world is the world of Bakı Crane Services.

Our aim in this world is to lift, move and install the heavy parts so that our customers can advance and maintain their production capacity and infrastructure in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Through creative engineering, careful planning, and safe execution, we believe that our operations significantly assist our customers regarding their increased productivity and sustainability needs. Therefore, we constantly raise our standards within our profession.

We believe our contribution goes beyond the engineered heavy lifting and transport. We are a part of an industry that provides significant jobs to hundreds of thousands of people and has a profound impact on communities everywhere. We intent for our employees to enjoy their work and advance as professional individuals. We want our performance to align with the communities in which we can operate and interact. And ultimately, we seek to eliminate negative impacts within the environment that we operate.

This is our contribution to a growing world.


- Commercial Risk Insurance

- Third-Party Liability Insurance (Below the Hook / Lifted Load Included)

- Machinery Breakdown Insurance

- Professional Indemnity insurance

- Goods in Transit Insurance

- Casco

- Traffic Insurance

and Experienced Expert Personnel